Our history

Who we are?

Bank of Baroda (Tanzania) entered Tanganyika way back in 1956 and remained till nationalization of financial institutions up to February 1967. The Bank had three branches in Dar es Salaam, Mwanza and Moshi at the time of nationalization under Arusha declaration. The Bank had come back to play its role in the United Republic of Tanzania in 2004. The Bank of Baroda India Ltd. was opened on 13th October 2004. Second branch was opened at Arusha on 10th August 2007, Third branch was opened at the Kariakoo Market, Dar Es Salaam on 11th June 2013 and 4th branch was opened at Mwanza on 21st July 2014.
The Bank is providing full fledge banking operation and serving the people in all walks of life. We have financing products for businessmen, traders, manufacturers, retailers, individuals, employees of well established companies, institutions, Government departments, SME etc.
In 2010 The Bank launched Rapid Funds2 India, a hassle free remittance facility, instantly crediting the amount in the beneficiary’s account with Bank of Baroda and any other bank in India within 24 hours through RTGS/NEFT.
The performance of Bank of Baroda (Tanzania) Limited as on 31.12.2018 is :
Capital TZS 10.00 Billion
Total Assets TZS 173.58 Billion
Deposits TZS 133.43 Billion
Advances TZS 100.81 Billion
Operating Profit TZS 10.84 Billion
Net profit TZS 2.15 Billion
Gross NPA TZS 6.57 Billion
Net NPA TZS 4.42 Billion
Shareholders Fund TZS 39.06 Billion


Bank of Baroda was founded by the Maharaja of Baroda, Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III on 20th July 1908 in the Princely State of Baroda in Gujarat. The bank along with 13 other major commercial banks in India, was nationalized on 19th July 1969. The Government of India is largest shareholder, owning 59.24% of the bank’s equity. The Bank have 5382 branches in India and 107 branches abroad spread over 26 countries as on date. Bank of Baroda has presence at all the key financial centres of the world including, New York, London, Brussels, Singapore, Hongkong, Sydney, Dubai, Gangzhou, Port Louis Mauritius, Johannesburg, Durban, Bangkok, Nairobi and Dar es salaam.
Bank of Baroda awarded runner up award-Public Sector Bank category for the year 2013-14 at FE India’s Best Bank by the Financial Express.
Business figures of the balance sheet of Bank of Baroda as of 31.03.2017
Net Worth INR. 43067 Crore
Total Assets INR. 719220 Crore
Deposits INR. 617257 Crore
Advances INR. 392262 Crore
Operating Profit INR. 12464 Crore
Net profit INR. 1815 Crore
Gross NPA INR. 42719 Crore
Net NPA INR.18080 Crore