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customer complaint mechanism (muongozo kwa ajili ya malalamiko ya wateja)

To ,
The Esteemed Customers
Bank of Baroda (Tanzania) Ltd


The Banking industry thrives on the basis of confidence and trust that the consumers place on banking institutions. Customer complaints are part of any corporate’s business life, especially if it is part of a service industry like banking. As a service organization, superior customer service and customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to our Bank. We in Bank of Baroda (Tanzania) Ltd believe in excellence in customer service for ultimate customer delight in banking with Bank of Baroda (Tanzania) Ltd. With this mission and as per Bank of Tanzania Guidelines for Banking Consumers’ Complaints 2015 we would like to inform you that we have Grievance Redressal Cell in our Bank. If you have any complaints regarding any matter to our bank, you can lodge complaint to the Bank. In case your complaint has not been dealt with within 21 working days from the date of lodging the complaint or you are dissatisfied with the decision of our bank regarding the compliant, you may lodge a complaint with Complaints Resolution Desk at Bank of Tanzania. The details regarding the compliant resolution mechanism are given in Annexure -I.The various products and services offered by our Bank and service charges are mentioned in Annexure-II. The notification is being issued as per Bank of Tanzania guidelines for banking Consumer Complaints’ 2015.

Yours sincerely,
(Managing Director)
Bank of Baroda (Tanzania) Ltd

The Complaints Resolution Desk (the Desk) has been established by the Bank of Tanzania (BOT) as a cost effective and efficient mechanism to resolve com-plaints between banking institutions and their customers. The Desk, which is fully funded by the Bank, is in-tended to resolve complaints (small claims) whose monetary value in respect of both the claim amount and remedy awarded does not exceed fifteen million Tanzania shillings (15,000,000) Mn.

When you are dissatisfied with our services or you have any complaint pertaining to our staff or bank or otherwise, you may lodge complaint to us in writing by post or fax or through your registered email address on the following contact addresses.

The Sr. Br. Manager

Dar es Salaam Branch
Post Box 5356 Dar es Salaam

Phone : +255 (22) 2124461;+255(22)2124472

Fax: +255 (22)2124456

E Mail :

The Branch Manager

Arusha Branch,Plot No.12 Block-E, Goliondoni Road,
Post Box 3152 Arusha Tanzania

Phone : +255 (27) 2544986

Fax: +255 (27)2544955

E Mail

The Branch Manager

Kariakoo Branch,
Crossing of Msimbazi and Mafia Street,
Plot No.08 Block-13,
Post Box 5610 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Phone : +255 (22) 2185721;+255 (22) 2125390

Fax: +255 (22) 2185403

E Mail

The Branch Manager

Mwanza Branch ,
Plot No.153 Block-T,
Kenyatta Road
Post Box 1914 Arusha Tanzania Dar es Salaam

Phone : +255 (28) 2501421; +255 (28) 2501423

Fax: +255 (28)2501422

E Mail

The Nodal Officer

Grievance Redressal Cell,
Bank of Baroda (Tanzania) Ltd,
Post Box 5356 Dar es Salaam

Phone : +255 (22) 2124456

Fax: +255 (22)2124457

E Mail :


For lodging complaint with BOT please use Complaint Form No. 1

For detailed information for lodging compliant with BOT please visit BOT website

If you are dissatisfied with the decision of our bank in respect of your compliant or do not receive a response from our Bank within 21 working days from the date of lodging your complaint, you may within 14 working days lodge your complaint with the Desk at BOT. However, before lodging your complaint with the Desk at BOT, you are required to exhaust the Internal Complaints resolution mechanism of our Bank first.

The compliant with Complaints Resolution Desk at Bank of Tanzania shall be lodged in the prescribed form (Schedule A), duly signed by the complainant and shall be submitted in any of the
following ways:

  • By hand or by post to:
    Complaint Resolution Desk
    Office of the Secretary to the Bank of Tanzania,
    10 Mirambo Street,
    11884, Dar es Salaam.
  • By electronic mail:
  • By facsimile to fax no: +255 22 2234067
  • By phone: +255 22 2233265/ +255 22 2233246

1. Complaints shall be lodged with the Desk from 9.00 AM to 12.30 Pm (Monday to Friday).

2. Your complaint must be lodged before expiry of two years after the cause of action arose.

The desk shall handle complaints whose total monetary value in respect of both the claim amount and remedy to be awarded does not exceed Fifteen Million Tanzania Shillings (TZS 15,000,000/-).

A complainant may, at any time before the Desk’s determination, withdrawal his complaint in writing from the Desk, and the matter shall be closed by the Desk.

Resolution of banking consumers’ complaints is free of charge asthe Desk does not charge any fee whatsoever.

The medium of communication is both English and Kiswahili.

The function performed by the Desk is different from that performed by courts. The Desk is enjoined not to have regard to technicality and legal form but resolve complaints using criteria that would not usually be used by courts; for instance whether an explanation for the conduct was not given when it should have been given. A banking institution may be required to issue an apology, change its practices, effect payment or compensation as the case may be. The Desk is not bound by the legal principles of handling complaints such as rules of evidence but adheres to the general principles of natural justice.


Either party may request the Desk to reconsider any of its decision. Each party also has a right to seek redress before a competent court when it is not satisfied with the decision given by the Desk.

Declaration : I ……………………………declare that the information provided herein is true to the best of my knowledge and belief and that I did lodge my complaint to my bank whereupon the Bank failed on…………………………day of…………………………20……to respond/resolve *the matter.
I also declare that this claim is not subject of any pending or concluded proceeding in any court of law or tribunal.

Signed……………………… date………………………

*Delete whichever inapplicable